The Year of the Unstrung Harp

1371 DR Year of the Unstrung Harp

Orc chieftain Obould [1370, 1372] and his horde claim the mountainous region north of the Evermoors and west of the Moonwood as the Kingdom of Dark Arrows.

— League of the Silver Marches: To counter the rise of Obould’s Kingdom of Dark Arrows and thwart future evils of the North, High Lady Alustriel [1361, 1372] of Silverymoon gathers the leaders of the region to council. From Old Delzoun, the Moonlands, and the Rauvin Vale come elf, human, and dwarf lords to seek answers to their common troubles. Out of that oft-stormy meeting comes the High Lady’s Alliance, a confederation of city-states known as the League of the Silver Marches.

— Evereska, one of the last remaining elf strongholds in Faerûn, is besieged by hordes of phaerimms [464, 1372] and their thralls.

— Khelben Arunsun [1370, 1374] leads an elf relief army from Waterdeep that becomes trapped in Evereska after failing to raise the siege there. An army drawn from the members of the Lords’ Alliance and led by Laeral Silverhand- Arunsun [1361, 1372] also marches for Evereska in the last days of this year to aid Khelben’s troops, but does not arrive for several months.

— At the command of Triel Baenre of Menzoberranzan [1362, 1372], the svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone [1338] is destroyed.

— The Trial of Cyric the Mad: Cyric [1369, 1373] is accused of innocence by reason of insanity, thereby failing in his divine duty to spread strife and discord. Cyric hears the True Life of Cyric and thus regains his sanity. A tribunal of greater deities finds the Black Sun guilty of his crimes, but allows him to keep his divine status.

— Evermeet [1368, 1373] is attacked by rebel gold elves led by Kymil Nymesin [1361], drow, and the Malar-unleashed Elf-Eater [1365], but succeeds in defeating its foes with great loss. The Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed, and many High Mages are slain.

— Prince Lamruil of Evermeet, his human consort Maura Silverhand (daughter of Laeral Silverhand), and their followers travel to the far northern reaches of Faerûn to establish a hidden city called Auseriel. They bring the Tree of Souls [–17600, 1373] with them, given to them by the prince’s mother, Queen Amlaruil of Evermeet, intending to plant it at the heart of a new refuge for the Fair Folk once the city begins to flourish.

— The zulkirs of Thay, tired of incessant battles with Aglarond, offer peace. The Simbul [1367] accepts with reservations.

— Nalavatoryl the Devil Dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV [1369] slay each other in battle, leaving the infant heir Azoun V on Cormyr’s throne.


The Year of the Unstrung Harp

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