Forgotten Realms: The Starlight Wanderers

The Beginning

Each member of the party is teleported to Blackstaff Tower in the City of Waterdeep. The rematerialize in a dark room surrounded by other people from around Toril. Before anyone can react to their surroundings the torches on the wall flare to life in a multidue of bright colors. The torches cast a magical glow about the room. As the room lights up everyone stakes stock of those around them. A rather tall gnome scurries behind a human wearing plate mail armor in an attempt to hide from a rough looking half-orc.

The only door to the room, a heavy looking iron double door, opens up suddenly. The Blackstaff himself and Laeral Silverhand enter the room causing a hush. Blackstaff looks around the room appraising those before him. He walks over to the tall gnome drawing him out form behind the human. “Sven Graystone I presume. Your talents have reached my ears and I look forward to seeing what you can do.” He nods at the gnome and then speaks to the human next to him. “Oliver, I trust you will do well in leading this rag tag group of adventurers.” He clasps him on the shoulder and walks on.

He walks to a human in dark clothing and contemplates his words for a moment. “Quintus, even though I don’t approve of your methods, you may be useful.” The Blackstaff moves on to an unkempt and rather wild looking elf. “En’ire, I know your distrust and distaste of humans blinds you at times, but your skills in the wild is unparalleled. I hope I can count on you.”

He then turns around to see a rather puzzling dwarf. Wrapped in arcane robes the mad looking dwarf looks up to Khelben and smiles a toothy grin. “Well Gort, you are definitely not like your brethren.” He gave a slight grunt and walked to the large half-orc. “Kronk, I expect your king has sent you with the expectation of fostering better relations in the northland. I suspect you better not let him down.”

He then walked to a very tiny looking gnome. He sensed something different with this gnome, a strength in the art very unlike her small stature. “Dearest, I think you may want to handle this one.” He looked up at Laeral and continued walking on. Laeral walked over to the small gnome, kneeling in front of her and placed a soft hand on her shoulder. In a musical voice she addresses the gnome, “Waywockit I believe?” The gnome looking into the eyes of the mistress of Blackstaff Tower giggled and responded, “You can call me Badger.” Laeral let a lyrical laugh, “Okay then Badger, good things are in store for you, we will be seeing a lot of each other in the years to come.” She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Khelben behind.

Khelben walked to a rather pious looking dwarf. “Vorark, I think your talents will be used most in my service. I hope Moradin is ready.” He turned and walked back to the front of the room. “I have chosen 8 adventurers to proceed forward. Sven, Oliver, Quintus, En’ire, Gort, Kronk, Badger, and Vorark.” As he called each name he pointed to the person. One by one the eight individuals were teleported in a shower of sparks.

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