Oliver Thann

Valiant Paldin of Ilmater seeking entrance into The Star Light Wanderers


Height 6’3”, Weight 210, Apparent age: 23, Hair: Red, Eyes: Green

Oliver is a tall well built attractive young man who’s soft smile puts others at ease. While just barely out of his youth he is mature and worldly far beyond his years. He is never without his holy symbol to Ilmater and is never far from his mare, Arlan. He has a small scar across the left side of his jaw, giving a more experienced and mature look. His neat Auburn hair is streaked with the fiery red highlights of childhood and cropped just above his ears. Oliver’s soft eyes are the green of the ocean. He carries himself with confidence, even in uncertain circumstances.

Visible Equipment: Banded mail, Large Steel shield, (1) flask of holy water (corked, and hangs from his belt loop), Holy symbols to Ilmater (Imprinted on his Shield, and one hangs from his neck), +1 Holy Surge Sword (Sheathed at his hip), Halberd (Slung across his back), lance (Slung across is back), Small pouch of gold (tied to a belt loop).


Oliver Thann, the forgotten cousin. While raised in a life of wealth and privilege, Oliver has grown up under the shadow of some of his more famous and successful relatives. While over shadowed most of his life he has become determined to forge his own destiny, not taking anything for granted. He is an optimist, almost to a fault, looking for the good in everything. A selfless, compassionate, and brave individual he naturally found his way into the service of Ilmater. He has since devoted his life to the well being of others, and constantly strives to be a better person.

As a Child he was given the luxury of a personal tutor and fencing instructors. He was given every opportunity to stay within the walls of his families considerable estate as much as possible. Through his teenage years he was considered soft and a romantic with no edge or strength. It wasn’t until his young adult years that he made his intentions of joining Ilmater’s order that his family even took notice of him. A devote follow of Ilmater, he decided that in order to better help those who needed the care of Ilmater he must join the Starlight Wanderers, a secret sect of the Harpers.

Recently he has found himself mixed with a strange group, all whom seek entrance to the Harpers as well. Amongst them he finds himself struggling to keep order and find the good in one another. They are a mixed group whose prejudices and ignorance keeps them from working together as effectively as he would hope. While a spirited and adventurous group he does find himself at conflict with some of their morals, or rather their lack there of.

After his teams recent triumph in the tower, he was given a reward. While most monetary rewards he would willingly turn away or give away to those in need, this he has excepted under the conditions that he use it for the greatest good and to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. His reward from Blackstaff, was a particularly holy sword which will be used for its greatest purpose.

Oliver Thann

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